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Precautions to Take When Driving With a Trailer

The transport business is a tricky one. It’s filled with challenges relating to the cargo, the drivers, the truck and the trailer. All of these factors play a role in the safety of driving with a truck and trailer. A truck is especially more dangerous when it is pulling a trailer. A driver has to be fully aware of the size of the trailer and the way it moves when it turns.

There are certain precautions to take when you drive with a trailer.

Have a good sense of spacial awareness. When you drive a truck you need to be fully aware of the size of the vehicle. This is especially necessary when you drive with a trailer. The truck is much wider than an ordinary car so it takes up a wider area in the road lane. When turning at an intersection, a truck with a long trailer will require two lanes to turn. You need to warn the other road users that you are about to turn and require more space. Check that you are not too close to any car as you make the wide turn. You don’t want to scrape the car next to you or drag it along with you.

Check that the trailer is hooked on properly. Before you depart on your journey check the trailer tow hitch is hooked on securely, so that it does not come loose when you’re driving. The Jost Tow Hitch is well known for its quality and reliability. This trailer part gives you that extra peace of mind while driving. A reputable Jost agent will be able to assist you with fixing the tow hitch to your trailer securely.

Check the trailer’s suspension. If the trailer’s suspension is not working properly it can cause an accident or much damage to the trailer. A good trailer suspension system will ensure that the trailer drives smoothly on the road which guarantees that the cargo suffers less rough movement. You need to take special care with the trailer’s suspension system when you are transporting fragile goods. A faulty suspension could damage or destroy the fragile cargo.

Ensure that you have the correct driving licence. If you are not licenced to drive a truck, you should not drive a truck with a trailer. This is potentially dangerous as you have not been trained on specific truck driving techniques.

There are many precautions to take when you drive a truck with a trailer. So be sure to be compliant at all times.

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The Different Commercial Truck Lights Available for Your Truck

Cargo vehicles such as trucks take on many different shapes and sizes, which means that some of them are larger while the others are longer than the rest. Each truck has spare parts that are specific to it, which ensures that proper functioning of every aspect of the vehicle. Commercial truck lights are also made specifically to each make of vehicle. You cannot fit a Scania part onto a Volvo FH. Check the criteria first before you buy the product.

Here are the different types of commercial truck lights available.

BR01-MAN-060/1: This is a headlamp that includes an amber indicator light. It is has the two options in one convenient option. This particular truck light is designed for the MAN F2000 trucks.

BR02-SC-089/90: This rectangular shaped commercial truck light is only manufactured for the Scania trucks. It is specifically suited to the Scania 114 trucks made from 1996 to 2004.

BR04-VO-024/5: This specific headlamp allows for more visual clarity on the road and is manufactured for the Volvo FH or FH16 trucks.

BR-HO04-54/5: This is a headlamp that is designed with a slight curve and is available for the Hino fleet of trucks.

BR02-MAN-021/2: This head light is encased in a black cover for durability and is made for the MAN TGA trucks.

BR02-BZ-001/2: This one includes an amber indicator light and is only made for the Mercedenz Benz Actros trucks that were manufactured from 1996 to 2002. So be sure to check the year your vehicle was made.

BR03-BZ-001/2: This headlamp has curved angles that are specific to Mercedenz Benz Actros trucks that were manufactured from 2003 to the current date.

BR06-BZ-001/2: This is a rectangular shaped Actros commercial headlamp that is made for the Mercedenz Benz Actros trucks.

There are various other commercial truck lights that are available for different trucks. Other truck headlamps include those manufactured for Isuzu, DAF, Renault Trucks, Nissan Diesel, and VW.

It must be kept in mind that these types of commercial truck lights are not necessarily interchangeable. You have to source the correct one for your particular vehicle. Substituting original spare parts with cheap imitations is not advisable as it could affect the proper functioning of the truck. It would be quite dangerous if you found yourself driving down a dark road and your lights decided to fail when you hit a pot hole in the road. Be safe and invest in the original brand of quality truck parts that are specific to your vehicle.

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How Does a Truck Transmission Work?

Car gear-changing devices are designed to allow the gear ratio between the car engine and wheels to change when the car is slowing down or speeding up. Gears have to be shifted for various reasons including preventing engines from being overworked and maintaining the engines’ optimal performance. There are many types of car shifters including automatic and manual transmission.


The two main types of vehicle transmission are unsynchronized and synchronized shifters. The former features a number of gears including a reverse gear. The gears in this type of transmission shift by engaging and disengaging the clutch. This type of gear-changing device is suitable for large trucks, racecars, and machinery.

One of the benefits of the unsynchronized shifter is its simpler design, which makes it more reliable and less costly long-term. Large trucks that use this type of shifter experience reduced weight, which allows for significant amount of cargo to be carried.

The gears in a synchronized shifter are usually meshed together in the gearbox, which translates to less effort required to shift gears. The clutch in this type of gearshift is typically made from brass. The synchronized gear-changing device is used to match gear speeds before locking in the change in gear.

How Truck Shifters Work

Trucks use different types of gearshifts. Recreational trucks feature gearshifts that are quite similar to car gearshifts, having up to six gears, and can be either manual or automatic. Three types of gearshifts are used in large or heavy trucks including range, splitter, and range splitter. Smaller trucks usually have the range gearshift, which have high-low gear splits to allow reuse of the same gearshift position.

The splitter gearshift works almost in the same fashion as a range shift. The only difference between the range gearbox and the splitter shift is that the former uses a high-low gear division. This means that the gears in a splitter shift are split into two with each position of the gearshift split into two: a high one and a low one. The range-splitter gear combines the features of both the range gear and the splitter gear, allowing for greater gear selection and positions.


The main function of the shift fluid is to supply an automatic shift with adequate amounts of hydraulic pressure for optimal gearbox performance. Manual shifts use gears, levers, and linkages that are operated manually to shift gears and engage or disengage the gearbox. On the other hand, automatic shifts rely on the gearbox fluid to perform important gear-changing device functions. Gearbox fluids flow under varying levels of pressure in automatic shifts. The gearbox fluid pressure is determined by various factors including engine load, gear selection, and driving conditions.

The main similarity between an automatic and a manual gear-changing device is that both require manual shifting into reverse and neutral gears. However, unlike a manual gearbox that requires the driver to shift each gear themself, an automatic gear-changing device only requires the driver to shift into “drive” and the car will handle the rest.

A car transmission or shifter plays various important roles in vehicle performance. Knowing the type of shifter you have on your truck will help you determine which one to purchase in case you need a replacement.

Interesting Facts About Trucks

A truck is a vehicle commonly used to transfer heavy goods from one place to another. The first truck was built in 1896 by Gottlieb Daimler. Can you imagine life without trucks? How would we move cargo from point A to B? Without trucks we would be lost. Here are some interesting facts about the trucks we see on our roads every day.

  • Certain trucks are also known as lorries. These are the ones that usually don’t have a canopy at the back. They are more versatile in terms of carrying cargo that may be too long (such as steel rods) to contain within a confined space.
  • They are generally used to transfer various items, often heavy or large goods.
  • Special truck trailers can be hooked on for additional cargo.
  • Most trucks run on diesel which is more fuel efficient than petrol.
  • In some countries, a special license other than a general driver’s license is required for a person to be able to drive a truck.
  • They come in various shapes and sizes which enable them to carry different types of cargo. There are tip trucks, semi-trucks, concrete trucks, fire trucks and refrigerated trucks.
  • Tip trucks are used to transport loose materials such as sand, gravel and dirt for construction. A typical dump truck is equipped with an open-box bed, which is hinged at the rear and equipped with hydraulic pistons to lift the front, allowing the material in the bed to be dumped on the ground at the delivery site.
  • Concrete trucks only carry already mixed concrete. The drum must be kept from standing still or else the cement will harden. At the top there is a loading chute through which the ingredients of the mix are funneled into the drum, and below that, a long chute which can be swiveled to change angle relative to the position of the drum.
  • Fire trucks are primarily designed for firefighting operations. In addition many fire departments employ their vehicles for many other uses such as emergency medical services and rescue purposes.
  • Certain large trucks, which are used to travel long distances, may have a sleeping area which is a place where the driver can sleep during stop overs.
  • Most trucks have a front axle and one or two rear axles.
  • In certain countries, as many as three trailers may be attached to a single tractor.
  • Because they are such large vehicles with multiple trailers attached sometimes, they may need two lanes to turn, so be careful when driving next to a truck.

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Things to Know About LED Lights for Trucks

You can find a lot of lighting types in the market which you can use for your trucks. Lighting is an essential part of the vehicle especially when driving during night time. Some vehicle owners add different types of lighting aside from their stock driving lights. This is a nice investment especially when off-roading.

Compared to incandescent and HID lights which have an expected lifetime of 1000 hours, LED light is robust and has a long lifetime of about 100,000 hours or more which can last for a few years. But just like other light sources, the performance of LEDs is affected by temperature and usage, so it will degrade over time.

Maintenance and efficiency

LED lights provide a huge variety of benefits. It is a great investment for your truck and easy to maintain. The luminary design of this lighting component produces a directional nature of light for higher efficiency.

LEDs are considered as high-efficiency light sources which are easy to install-whether you want to replace your stock headlights, taillights, brake lights, or put on additional light bar and other miscellaneous light components with LED. The white LED has 25 Lm/W that exceeds the performance of some fluorescent and incandescent light sources.

Tips in buying a LED truck lights

Buy from reputable brands such as KC Hilites, Rigid Industries, Recon Lights, Oracle, and more. Your headlights, together with additional lighting sources on your truck will be used primarily when driving around. Here are some tips you can take note if you’re looking for truck LED lights:

a. Efficiency of illumination
Even if you are driving on paved roads or trails, illuminating the path is important in order to see any hazards and prevent any accidents. When buying LED lights, look for something with a wide beam pattern to illuminates the sides of the road.

b. Check the amp draw
Lights draw energy from your battery together with radio, headlights, and other parts of the vehicle. Checking the amp draw of the product is necessary before you make any purchase. Look for energy efficient bulbs such as Cree LEDs if you want a lower amp draw.

c. Durability
Of course, durability is one of the important things to look for in any part of the vehicle, whether it’s stock or aftermarket. Lights are very helpful especially during night time off-roading. It’s no different from driving down highways, but the potholes, muddy areas, rocks, trees would get in your way. You can survive these conditions with the help of your truck’s lighting. It’s important to illuminate the sides of the road ahead of you so you can drive off on even poorly maintained roads and trails.

d. Check customer reviews
Reading on customer reviews can help you find a good brand or model of LED lights to purchase for your truck. It’s a helpful way to see the reliability and quality of any product.Read through the reviews and check for unbiased and valuables feedback. Also read about insights on how the light actually performs.

Mistakes When Importing Trucks For Sale Overseas

Buying vehicles most especially trucks is a huge investment. Therefore, it is important to carefully choose the right trucks for sale. However, there are some individuals who want to purchase specific models and brands of trucks which can be very hard especially if you are opting for older or newer models. Luckily, you can purchase such trucks overseas.

Of course, some trucks come in different countries. Therefore, some manufacturers still provide older and new models. And, the best way to obtain these trucks is to import them. But, before finalizing your decisions, it is important to know some of the mistakes individuals make when importing trucks for sale overseas.

Immediately hiring a freight company to import your truck

One of the most common mistakes individuals make when importing trucks is immediately hiring a freight company to import your vehicle. This is a common issue for individuals who get too excited on importing their truck, but do not have sufficient knowledge about it. When importing, there are numerous factors you need to consider. For one, you need to prepare certain documents such as requirements as a buyer. Not to mention, it is also important to have an agreement about your purchase as well as insurance policies to secure your vehicle during its transport.

Neglecting legal requirements

The next mistake individuals make when importing trucks is neglecting legal requirements. Legal documentations are very important before importing a vehicle. These legal documentations are needed to ensure that you abide by the rules in importing in your area. Some of the legal requirements include a certification from government, vehicle inspections as well as road legal regulations. All these are important to determine if the truck you can is safe to use on the road and there are no issues concerning its papers.

Failing to hire import partner overseas

Importing a vehicle is a stressful task. So, to make this venture simpler, it is appropriate to hire import part overseas. Failing to do this task can cause you numerous issues most especially if you do not have sufficient knowledge about importing process as well as problems within you budget. Therefore, make sure that you hire a partner to make your import more efficient.

Hiring inexperienced or non-accredited import companies

When hiring import partner overseas, you should also avoid hiring inexperienced or non-accredited companies. With regard to inexperienced importers, there are instances that they can make your venture more complicated since they do know have the experience in doing such job. On the other hand, hiring non-accredited companies can also be a huge problem since some companies provide illegal services which can affect your budget.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Heavy Truck

Trucks are popular all over the world for various reasons. They carry heavy loads, store lots of cargo and can tackle all kinds of terrain. If you are looking to buy a good heavy duty truck, you will have to keep a few factors in mind. Below are some of them that may help you buy the right truck.

1. Capacity

If you are not looking for a truck with bigger cabs, you can go for one with enough space for two individuals: the driver and the passenger. On the other hand, if you are in need of a good deal of cargo space, a standard cab truck would be the ideal choice for you, but a bigger cab will be better should you want to accommodate more passengers.

2. Engine size

Keep in mind that bigger engines won’t necessarily be good. for day to day commute, you can opt for a powerful 4-cylinder engine. This option will save you gas as well as money. For heavier loads, you may want to buy a bigger engine. For instance, you will need a V6 to tow a big trailer or boat.

So, make sure you know what you need a truck for. Smaller trucks won’t take the place of bigger ones. Also, the bigger the engine, the costlier it will be.

3. Wheels

Actually, this decision is based on two factors: the way you drive and the weather. if you are going to drive the truck in an area that gets a lot of rain and snow, you should go for a 4×4 truck. But keep in mind that this type of truck will burn more gas, but will save you from all the hassle during a bad day.

4. Transmission type

If you are going to drive your truck on roads with lots of traffic, an automatic transmission will save you a lot of hassle., as you won’t need to do a lot shifting. on the other hand, if traffic is low where you are going to drive your truck, you can do with a manual transmission as well.

Most of the trucks of today feature an automatic transmission, but you can find one with a little bit of research.

5. Camper shell

If you need a truck to transport big stuff in the bed, you might want to go for a camper shell. This will help you prevent theft and keep all the stuff inside the truck safe from the weather. The stuff could be furniture or other heavy items that can get damaged in rain, for instance. This type of trucks will cost you a bit more, though.

So, if you are looking at a truck to buy, make sure you have taken into account all of the factors shelled out above. After all, you don’t want to make this heavy investment and regret this decision for years to come. Therefore, you should do a lot of thinking before making this purchase.

Tipper Trucks: Dangers And New Safety Features

Tipping trucks, just like any other vehicle, have been associated with a number of accidents over the years. According to M. McCann of the Center for Construction Research and Training, 829 construction workers have been killed by dumping trucks between 1992 and 2007. Some of the dangers these vehicles may be exposed to include fires, collisions with other vehicles, failed brakes, short circuit and accidents as a result of over speeding.

New Features That Enhance Safety

Following the number of accidents caused by dump trucks, there has been a need to develop new safety measures that involve changing some of the standard features of these trucks. Some of these measures protect the driver, while others protect passers-by. Some of the features you can expect in new tipping trucks include:

– Tail gate protection: this feature will prevent damage to the cabin in the event of either head to tail or head to head collision.

– Reducing speeds: the trucks will be fitted with speed governors. These will either be mechanical or electronic. The speed limits will be set by individual management and hence will not be standard for all trucks.

– Blind spot mirrors: this will help prevent accidents caused by blind spots to the driver.

– Seat belt reminder: this is an alarm that will indicate to the driver whether the seat belt has been used or not.

– Two brakes: newer truck models will have two brakes instead of one. The additional one will act as a failsafe, in case the first one malfunctions.

– Reflectors on all sides of the truck. This will increase the truck’s visibility to other drivers at night.

Ways in Which Tipper Trucks can be Used Safely

Having seen how tipper trucks can be a source of danger, here are a few guidelines on how to avoid accidents while dumping truck loads:

– Scout the area in which dumping is to take place in order to avoid work related accidents. According to Safe Work Australia, in mining and construction (two of the most common sectors where tipping trucks are used) worker’s compensation claims are at 6.7% and 11.2% respectively.

– Make use of orange or green cones. These cones are used to alert passers-by that dangerous activity is going on. These cones should be placed at the corners of the trailer. If possible, it would be even better to get a spotter to assist you. Spotters are lookouts and will point out any potential accidents as you dump the load.

– The site at which the load will be dumped needs to be firm and level. It should be strong enough to withstand the weight of the truck in addition to its load. This should be determined during the initial scouting of the area.

– Drivers should never try to get out of a truck that is toppling over. Instead, the driver should try to steady himself/ herself using the backseat of the truck, or while holding onto the wheel. Only after the vehicle has come to a standstill should the driver come out.

Dump Truck – Important Checks When Buying

Dump trucks are very useful at construction sites because they can be used for various tasks that vary from hauling to excavation. To get the best truck you must start by thinking about your needs and then looking at the basic parameters that matter so you are able to make a final choice that is suitable enough. When you understand important checks, you can be sure to buy a dump truck that is perfect whether you are a new shopper or you have some experience in buying the trucks.

1. Truck type – Dump trucks come in different types and each has uses and can also have some limitations. Standards trucks have a chassis with a dump bed attached as well as a vertical hydraulic lift located at the bulkhead. They have a front axle and additional ones on the rear part and they offer good maneuverability but not that good on soft soil. The other truck types are side dump trucks with limited maneuverability and transfer trucks. Know the types and relate them to your needs before you choose the most suitable one for your needs.

2. Carrying capacity – Volume and weight are what makes the carrying capacity because the final payload can also include moisture. Remember that truck that can handle heavy loads can be great, but they might face restrictions in some areas.

3. The body – Steel and aluminum are the most common materials used in making dump truck bodies. The type of job that you want to perform using the truck can help you make a good body material choice. Steel is loved for being extremely strong and it fits jobs that need heavy materials, oversized loads and rubble to be carried. Aluminum boxes on the other hand weigh less and can reduce fuel cost and it is also strong but it is expensive. Still on the body, ensure it is leveled with no sagging bends and the bed should be able to lift downwards and upwards smoothly.

4. The brake system – Dump trucks can have air brakes or hydraulic brakes. Heavier trucks are better off with air brakes because they have the robust stopping power as they work and even when they fail compared to hydraulic braking systems. For instance, a leak in air brake lines decreases air pressure and activates brakes at wheels, thus bringing the truck to a safe stop compared to leaks in a hydraulic system, brake line where fluid pressure can go down and create pressure on brake pads which eventually amounts to lost braking power and this reduces the ability of the truck to stop in the same distance.

5. Customization possibilities – Customizing a dump truck can make your tasks when using it easier. Consider how possible this is before buying your truck so you can have any additional features such as wider steps and storage boxes included to suit your job requirements. When buying from manufacturers it is very easy to have a dump truck designed to suit your needs and have all important features included for the same convenience.

Winter Care for Your Trailer

When the summer is coming to an end it is time to prepare your box trailer for the winter until the spring arrives. Improper storage over the winter can turn a perfectly fine trailer into a mouldy trailer so there are many things you need to do, just to ensure everything will work properly for the next season activates.

Certainly, cleaning your box trailer is the first thing to do for winter hibernation. Your trailer receives a lot of exploitation throughout the year, so it is necessary to give it a really thorough cleaning between uses. Check any signs of road debris and green or black mould because leaving it untreated over the winter may result in permanent damage and more serious problems that you will definitely want to avoid.

Ideally, it is always good practise to use a fabric cover to prevent any possible damage from icing and external factors during such long period of time. When it is time for long term storage, a breathable cover can ensure the best possible ventilation and it is a far way more affordable than trailer bodywork. Make sure to completely empty and clean the inside, leaving the door open so the air can circulate in and out. By completely I mean, to clean the entire surface and to sweep out the mess, wash down the floor and put it all back together again once it is dry. After the cleaning inside is done, you may want to prepare the exterior before the following winter. A deeply cleaning is also fundamental and gives you the opportunity to inspect and fix any kind of damage when the workshops are less busy. Be cautious not to use chemicals that are unkind to the trailer construction because they can cause permanent stretches, especially when it comes to cleaning the roof of the enclosed trailer.

If you are not a fan of a cold-weather transporting, it is time to find a place to store your trailer on a site, outside of your home on a special place. Although, trailers are designed for outdoors it is not recommendable for it to be seated around for a very long period of time and to be exposed directly to rain and snow over the winter months. Finding a good storage place is easy- you only need to contact a local agency or some association and pay a security provision for the service. If stored at a property with other trailers, this means, someone will be able to keep an eye on the trailer at most times and this will act as a strong deterrent to would be thieves.

Being stored the entire winter at the same place puts a lot of pressure on the trailer’s tyres. Consider turning the wheels periodically every second month to eliminate the pressure on the same side and to prevent flat spotting.